I liked matching these two songs. They both sort of struggle with something we all know, namely that sense of confusion that often love brings along. Stay with me of Sam Smith tells about the universal need of being loved (back). Behind every one night stand there is still that little tiny hope that he or she could be the one. L’amore esiste, instead, is the celebration of this big thing we call love, something we don’t even know where it’s coming from, and when it happens, why it does. So beautiful on one side, so scary and confusing on the other.


Love and all his passion is the center of both songs. In John Newmann’s it’s about gaining it back after having made a big stupid mistake. In Annalisa’s the love feeling is so deep and vivid that you want to open up a window in the stars (Una finestra tra le stelle) and let it out and be eternal. I often use my mashups as a pretext to show two different sides of one story. When you are very much in love sometimes you have the feeling that this might be for ever. But we are humans, and sometimes, on the way, we do mistakes, and that window we opened to stars might have to be closed one day, but the question is, who said we can’t open it again? Can you love me again?

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